Lupus Hair Loss: Peppermint Oil for hair loss. Any Essential oil success stories out there?

If I had to rank my lupus symptoms in order of my least favorite, Hair Loss would be at the top of the list. I absolutely despise losing my hair, and it used to make me feel so terrible about myself, inside and out. My looks were compromised, my feelings of femininity felt threatened, and with each clump of hair that fell, I was left feeling vulnerable, exposed, and anxious. When would it stop? Would it grow back? Will people notice? I have spent many years working through those feelings, and you can read about my past hair loss experiences here and here. Or you can just search "Hair Loss" on the blog.

Given my many bouts with hair loss, I have searched for remedies, stop gap measures, and preventatives for as long as I've had lupus. I've consulted every one of my doctors, having most success with my dermatologist. You can read about my successful appointments here, but know that I'm always on the lookout for thoughts on hair loss.

Thus, I'm happy to share a dated, but still relevant article about Peppermint Oil, and how it is thought to promote hair growth. It appears to be non-toxic, when used properly and sparingly, which is always a plus. So many products that say they promote hair growth contain chemicals that take a toll on the meager strands we DO have!

As always, check with a doctor before beginning any new treatment, and stay tuned for an upcoming guest post on essential oils, including other oils that may address hair loss.

Until then, best of luck managing the fallout!


Debbie said…
Interesting. I have used Barbara Rogers' Simply Divine Botanicals 'Outer Body Experience' - with peppermint/grapefruit essential oils for a number of years.

My hair has grown in more as my kidney function has healed an my health has stabilized. I have also taken Hylands Bioplasma Cell Salts, often used by marathon runners to restore mineral balance, daily for a number of years. I noticed a surge of hair growth after I added this to my routine.
Sara Gorman said…
Debbie - thanks so much for sharing product info! I, too, have found that the more stable my health is, the longer and fuller my hair is. Definitely connected - at least is this lupus body!

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