Day 2: My good healthy Deed of the Day - Call the doctor.

About a week ago, I received a phone message regarding my most recent mammogram. Instead of waiting 6 months between appointments (which is already more frequent than normal), they'd like to see me back in 3 months, based upon the results of my last exam. Oh. goodie.

I was delinquent in calling the office back to schedule an appointment. I just wasn't up to hearing, once again, that a medical test of mine came back abnormal, and more tests are required.  Such is life with lupus...I find it's more normal to be abnormal, especially with wonky swollen lymph nodes like I have. (You can read about those here. Biopsy details included!)

So I was avoiding the call.  Until now. 

Today, I finally made time, and returned the call. And truthfully,  the results weren't as dire as the message made them sound. The doctor just wants to track his findings more closely, so he can be sure what he is seeing is normal...for me.  My normal is good enough for me!

So there you have it.  Chalk up another good daily decision that benefits my health. And this one didn't hurt at all!

Avoiding a phone call that is good for your health? Don't delay.  Call today! 


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