Day 1: My good healthy Deed for the Day - Filling prescriptions on time

Don't you hate when you run out of medicine? In my 17 years with lupus,  I've tried auto-refill, auto mail-reorder reminder texts, alarms, and good ole post it notes in order to properly manage my prescriptions. But every once in awhile, a medication slips through the cracks. I find myself face to face with the pharmacist, requesting an emergency supply while they do a rush job filling my Rx. In fact, several speciality lupus meds, including my Cellcept, aren't kept in stock, so sometimes a rush job simply means wait. Oh, the horror. 

But not this time! 

Knowing my prescriptions were coming due soon, today I took time to assess my medication supply. I called in the ones that could be refilled, dropped off the scripts that were new, and called a doctor's office to get another that had been lost along the way. (Not by me - by my doctor/pharmacy.) With more than a week to go before I run out of anything, I allowed enough time for all scripts to be filled, picked up, sorted, and stowed in pillfolds. A personal victory, and  one good, healthy decision that puts me one step closer to living well, despite lupus! 

How about you? 


I learned the value of this with hurricane Irma. We assume it's just us that needs organization but when there's disruptions in the system, you really need to be proactive with your health care needs.
Sara Gorman said…
Agreed! Setting yourself up to succeed is so important. So much is out of our control, right? But being a responsible patient is always within our reach. Thx for sharing!

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