Welcome back, Pillbags!

After a week or two of some seriously low inventory on the Pillfold website, (no Sebastian OR Bordeaux? I mean, come on!), I'm happy to announce that the shelves have been restocked and all of your favorites pillfold patterns are now available.

I've even brought back limited quantities of the Winchester and the Hastings. They were crowd favorites in the spring, but sold out almost immediately. They're back, but not for long. Don't miss your chance to get a cute little striped number, or a harlequin black and white pillbag today!

And the Fabulupus Pillfolds are now ready to ship! Check out the newest pillbag on the block - inspired by and intended for lupus patients around the world! And take advantage of the Fabulupus Combo, and save 50% off the cover price of the book, "Fabulupus"!


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