LFA confirms Plaquenil pricing return to normal. And not a moment too soon!

I'm happy to share the most recent press release from the Lupus Foundation of America on the status of the price hike/shortage of the generic form of Plaquenil (Hydroxychlorquine).

Good news is that they're confirming what my personal experience has been - that prices are returning to normal, because the four manufacturers of the generic are no longer reporting shortages. Woohoo!!!!

Here's the snippet of the press release below - and you can read the whole article here. If your prices haven't yet normalized, the LFA has also included some tips on dealing with the extra cost. You can also read about my price shopping methods here! 


Currently, there is one brand name drug manufacturer producing Plaquenil® and four generic drug manufacturers that are producing hydroxychloroquine. All four generic drug manufacturers are no longer reporting a shortage and are meeting demand. However, we have had several reports from people who are unable to pay the high cost of the drug. As a result, some individuals are no longer taking it or rationing their medication. We urge all people with lupus to speak with their physician if they are having difficulty accessing the drug.

“Hydroxychloroquine is the mainstay of lupus therapy,” according to Michelle Petri, MD, MPH. “It prevents half of lupus flares, reduces renal and CNS lupus, reduces blood clots in half, reduces future seizures, diabetes and LDL cholesterol, and improves survival. I call it ‘lupus health insurance.’”



Ruth said…
Well. that is good news. thank you for posting.

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