Selena Gomez blazing the trail for lupus conversation!

Thank you, Selena Gomez, for speaking out about your lupus experience!

You can read about Ms. Gomez' recent lupus treatment here. It was so brave of her to share part of her story. I hope it empowers others to speak up about their disease, ask for help when they need it, and take the time necessary to allow their bodies to heal and recover.

Lupus, as we all know, is no joke. But we can still be successful, accomplished individuals, as evidenced by Ms. Gomez, as long as we put our health and wellness first.

Sometimes that includes putting plans on hold, or allowing ourselves to take detours from the life we had in mind. As hard as those sacrifices and accommodations may be, I say carving out a life, with lupus in tow, is better than being left with no quality of life at all!!


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