#butitsnotmylife : New Lupus video. Check it out!

I'm happy to share the newest lupus video on the block, brought to you by the folks at #butitsnotmylife!

#butitsnotmylife is a campaign dedicated to creating awareness for chronic autoimmune diseases, through a positive mindset. It's designed to bring encouragement to anyone going through a daily fight, reminding them that their situation is not their life.

100% agreed!

(As an aside, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Shanelle Gabriel, one of the young ladies featured in the video, at the GSK blogger summit I attended in May. She is a dynamite person - and such a great example of how you can still contribute to this world in a way that makes you feel fulfilled, despite a chronic illness. She's doing what she loves, making a difference, and reaching her goals. I'd say she's living well, despite lupus! Check out her website here.)


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