The "Me" breakthrough - the 15-minute nap to the lupus rescue!

Per my recent posts about a) my need to slow down, and b) the insurgence of some "me" time in my daily to-do's, I think I've had what they call a BREAKTHROUGH.

One day last week, I found myself with 15 minutes to spare. Fifteen big ones in which to do whatever I wanted. I'd just finished unloading the dishwasher, typed an email to our contractor, and fulfilled my daily Pillbag orders. I didn't have to pick up the girls from school for another 15 minutes. What, oh what, should I do with that precious quarter of an hour that I had?

Should I tackle the sink full of dirty dishes (remember, I'd just emptied the clean "finishing" the job would only make sense)? Maybe pull out the load of laundry from the dryer that needed to be folded? Or better yet, add some finishing touches to an upcoming lupus presentation, finalize my inventory on Amazon, or work on a blog post? So many options to use my time wisely...but as I contemplated my options, I had to admit that I was also fighting a bit of mid-morning fatigue. I thought back to my Pottery Barn post, and realized at that moment, I had the opportunity to fit in a little "me" the form of a cat nap. I know, I know, not the most fun use of "me" time, but definitely the best use of it.

I set the alarm on my phone for 15 minutes, and called up to Johnny's office to let him know Darwin and I were hitting the sack. Fifteen minutes later, I woke up - refreshed and ready to go. AND extremely proud of myself for choosing wisely.

Want to join me with a wise choice in the rest and relaxation department? Today, just take 15 little minutes for yourself, and witness how good it feels to choose wisely. Maybe it's flipping through a magazine (which I never do anymore), painting your fingernails at home (which I haven't done in forever), or taking a glorious catnap, enjoy your "me" time and let me know how it goes!


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