Inserting "fun" onto the to-do list...loosley inspired by Pottery Barn

I was flipping through the newest Pottery Barn catalog recently, and I noticed a wall chalkboard they have for sale. It wasn't the actual chalkboard that caught my eye, but the "to-do" list that was written on it. Here's what's listed on this imaginary homeowner's list:


This Week:

*Photo show
*Book flight to Tuscany
*Sunday flea market
*Make bread


Wow. If only.

Now, before you pass this off, as I almost did, as just another skewed perception of what a real-life agenda truly looks like, I can't deny that I would love for these and only these four tasks to appear on my weekly to-do list some day. Wouldn't that be the life? Take in a little photography, plan a trip abroad, do some shopping, knead some bread. The items on my week's to-do list - "Clean Darwin's ears", "Make preschool snack", and "Buy a bottle of Drano" are curiously absent from PB's list. Hmmm...I wonder!

But here's what I found most interesting about this made-up list. Just a few days before I came across this photo, I'd decided that I should start inserting a couple of "non-essential" tasks onto my to-do lists. Things that aren't time-sensitive, and that don't impact anyone's schedule, well-being, or livelihood. Rather, a couple of items that might be, shall I say, simply enjoyable to do? Maybe tackle those photo books for the girls, or design and sew some pillows for our mudroom bench. I have so many things for work and home that are deadline-driven, I thought my body and mind might benefit from seeing a few items of reprieve on my lists.

Like many of us, I've discovered that if I don't make a point of tackling the fun stuff, my attention goes to the deadline stuff. With the girls both in school now (albeit for a few hours, only two mornings a week), I'll have a little extra time to myself. And I don't want to make the mistake of blowing it on more "musts." The joint pain I spoke of on Monday hasn't been fun, and it's not going to get any better if I run myself ragged, trying to eek out every minute of every hour. I'm determined to make my new found free-time as stress-free as possible.

So on this first week of school, I'm going to make sure I throw in a few minutes of fun. A little "me" time. Who knows? Maybe I'll even take in a flea market!


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