Barn Door Installed!! Woohoo!!

We're getting so close to completion now - the barn door in the master bedroom (to cover the treadmill niche seen there on the left) was one of the last things to be installed. I simply can't wait to move back into our new "old" house...or is that our old "new" house. (A friend of mine said at this point, I can just start calling it "our" house - and after July 31st, it will be our only house!) Either way - so excited that this phase of our life is coming to completion!

In the meantime, hope to see you locals at The Friday Affair at Hollin Hall today. The Pillfold Trocadero has made a surprising surge this week in website I'll be interested to see if customers at The Affair gravitate toward the animal print, too.           

And next week, I'll look forward to blogging about my final thoughts on this renovation. Now that the end is in sight, I can start unleashing all of my "Undergoing a Renovation with Lupus in Tow" posts. Should be fun...and cathartic! Have a great weekend - I'll be packing, and packing, and packing. But so happy to be doing so, because it means we're moving! 


Heidi said…
Love the barn door idea!! Can't wait to see the finished pictures of your renovation.
Unknown said…
A barn door for the master bedroom. That was an awesome idea, Sara! While others prefer to have a sophisticated style for their doors, you prefer having a simple yet unique one. I seldom see homeowners use such a door, and they usually follow a certain theme. In your case, it seems that the house is contemporary. Perhaps you simply want something different in your house. What a fantastic job! :)

Roselia Mangione @ All County Exteriors
Is that oak? It's gorgeous! If that really is oak, you've made a very smart choice! Barn doors are usually made from salvaged materials, and oak can provide you a very satisfying structural stability.
Unknown said…
Your barn door goes well with the color of your wall. It will be more appealing if you apply a glaze paint to your door, though. It will complement the cool tone of the wall. Likewise, it will keep your barn door strong and durable.
Jannet Gassaway @ Walker Contracting
Brian Lochte said…
That's a great idea.. Never saw the pictures of the final renovation

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