Back from vacation...almost.

I was out on vacation last week, enjoying the wonderful surf and sand in Ocean City, NJ. What a week!

We're home, and settling back in, but I'm still on blogging vacation. I'm sure by Wednesday, I'll be back in action.

Here are a couple of pics from our vacation. Enjoy!


Anonymous said…
Just wondering how you managed the sun in Ocean City?? I am going on a sunny vacation myself soon and would love to hear some tips on staying sae in the sun (maybe even getting a bit of color??)Thanks!
Sara Gorman said…
Sorry I'm just responding now. I'm sure you've been on your vacation and back. I hope you got just the right amount of sun, and that you utilized my favorites while out and about in the sun: a nice large umbrella, a cover up or 3/4" sleeves, a large brimmed hat, sunglasses, and good sunscreen. Pretty basic, but I think the large brimmed hat is a MUST. I wear it from the moment I step out the door!

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