"What am I?", says the Pillfold to the Pillpouch

We're having a bit of an identity crisis over here at Pillbag headquarters. Never you worry, though - we know who we are, and where we're going. It's just that Amazon.com is asking for particulars on what exactly a pillbag is, so we're actually having to, you know, think about it.

So if you had to pick a term to best describe the Pillfold, what would you choose?

A) Medication organizer
B) Pill organizer
C) Pill bag
D) Toiletry bag
E) Pill case
F Pill holder
G) Pill container

See? It's a bit of a quandary, isn't it?

I guess I should also ask this: if you were searching for the Pillfold or Pillpouch online (or on Amazon.com specifically), how would you search for it? What terms would you think of to find these swanky little medicine bags?

(Oh, right! Maybe I should add "Medicine bag" to the list of choices above. It seems the possibilities are endless when it comes to describing stylish bags designed to carry medication, huh? )

I'm the first to admit that I don't function very well without my Pillfold by my side. Every few weeks, I get a little lazy (or is that cocky?), and instead of counting my pills at the beginning of the week and filling my Pillfold for seven days, I decide to just function out of my Pillpouch. Thus, I just take the appropriate pills right from their bottles the morning of. And, boy, does that get confusing! Half the time, I find myself at
11 am, struggling to remember whether or not I've taken my pills that day. Did I take them with orange juice this morning? Or was that yesterday morning? Did I take them with breakfast, or was it too hectic getting the girls ready? When you've taken pills every morning and every night for 12 straight years, it gets hard to distinguish one day from the next. (And yes - it's been almost 12 years exactly since I was diagnosed with lupus. Still here and still standing...and still taking medication, albeit half as much as I used to. And no longer out of a clunky, plastic pill box, thank you very much!!)

I appreciate your comments and emails on this one. Your feedback is always appreciated!


Sarah said…
I would search for these three more than anything else:

medication organizer
medicine organizer
pill organizer

On another note, because this is the second comment I've made on your blog...the 'please prove you're not a robot' is hard to read and even harder when you have blurry vision, is there another method that can be used for screening? I also tried the sound and it was not understandable.
Sara Gorman said…
This so helpful...thank you! And I'll be sure to look into the approval process for the comments. I agree, those letters can be so hard to decipher! i may not have the ability to customize it within blogger, but i'll certainly check. thanks so much!
Hannah Fischer said…
I've been thinking about this -- are you paying per word or phrase? If not (or even if so), I'd throw in some travel-related language in there like "travel medicine" or "trip bag." Does that make sense to you? Hannah
Sara Gorman said…
Hannah - That's a great idea! Good thing is that i don't have to pay per word, but finding the right words will pay off, if you know what I mean! I think travel bag or travel medicine are great suggestions. Adding them to the list, for sure...

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