Lupus napping antics, by Sara Gorman

I tried to get sneaky with lupus this weekend, and it didn't turn out so well. No casualties, thank goodness, but I learned that my body's sleep schedule isn't to be toyed with!

I woke up on Sunday morning just before 8am to the sound of little footsteps coming our way. Both girls were up, and while I normally would call an "8 am wake up call" a pretty good deal,  I'd gotten to bed later than I'd hoped Saturday night. So I was tired. Not too tired...just a little groggy.

Nonetheless, the girls were raring to go. I got up, got breakfast going, and went through our normal morning routine with ease. But by about 11am, I knew my afternoon nap was going to be a good one. We'd decided to go to church later in the evening, so we had the whole morning and afternoon free, and my bed was calling. Knowing that I was tired, Johnny offered to take the girls out for lunch, and I jumped at the opportunity to take an early nap. My family was out the door by 11:45am and Darwin and I were in bed, under the covers by 11:46 am. I slept just under two hours, and it was glorious. I particularly looked forward to the idea that I would be rested for the remainder of the afternoon. Putting Bernadette down for a nap was a cinch...because I wasn't counting down the minutes until I could rest, too. What's more, Deirdre still wanted some down time, so I found myself wide awake and feeling oh-so-productive during the three o'clock hour. What a switch!

So the trouble didn't start at 3pm. Nor did it start at 4pm, or even 5pm. It started between 5:30 and 6pm, when the effects of that glorious late morning nap started to wear off. I hadn't considered the fact that if I went to bed almost three hours earlier than usual, I'd be tired three hours earlier than usual at the end of the day. What's more, I hadn't factored in an extra cat nap later in the afternoon. Wouldn't that have made all the difference? Probably. But I was too taken with the notion that I had the afternoon free. Doh!

Thus, this post is short and sweet, written at the wee hour of 8pm last night. No need to push any further...I feel like I've been up for days, and I learned my lesson. Once again, the hard way!


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