Listen Up, Doc! Video - Thanks, LFA Philadelphia TriState Chapter!

Remember when I visited the fabulous folks in the LFA Philadelphia Tri-State Chapter at the beginning of October? They put together a video of my key note address - presentation notes and all. Take a look when you have the chance, and be sure to listen up to the questions posed by the audience throughout my talk. We had great crowd-participation. I appreciated the warm welcome, and the invitation to speak!


Nicole said…
Sara, thanks for posting this! This is a great reminder to be prepared and proactive for my first appointment with a new rheumy this week!
Wendy said…
It was GREAT to see you speak. You did a wonderful job. I enjoyed your well-organized and lively talk. It was a good reminder of key points from your book. I've got an upcoming rheumatology appointment, and will be keeping these pointers in mind. This was also, I realized, the first time in my 7-year post-diagnosis history that I've seen a presentation by and for a lupus patient. It's lonely out here in my far corner of the west! Watching you speak was so refreshing. My supportive husband listened over my shoulder, and I think it gave him a little fresh understanding of some of the challenges I face. Seeing that room full of patients helped me feel less alone (if a bit more frustrated at my isolation from such resources!). Thanks for your blog--it's a real lifeline. Thanks for making this presentation. Bet you never guessed how far it might reach! Very nice of this organization to record and make it available online, too.
Sara Gorman said…
Thanks so much, ladies. You made my week! I'm so glad it's helpful to see and listen to the video. I'm happy to share my lessons learned (and a few appointment blunders here and there!) in hopes that your appointments will be most effective. I'm thrilled that you can use the tips! And kudos goes to the LFA Tri-State chapter for making it available, I agree. Special thanks goes to my friend Katherine for bringing the video to my attention, too!

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