Flying a significant distance? Consider all the options for getting your rest!

We had a great time in California this past weekend (traveling for five days total), and just returned late last night. Since I was tuckered out after the long flight home, I took a pass on writing an elaborate post for today. I figured the best thing to do was to catch up on some sleep and fill you in on the trip on Wednesday. In the meantime, I'll share with you one little snippet from our trip, because it was a bit of a lupus coup, in fact!

Typically, when we travel as a family, Johnny, the girls and I always try to sit together on flights, no matter where we go. Nine times out of ten, we're able to book it as such, but on the flight back from California yesterday, Johnny was inadvertently switched to a lone seat about 20 rows up from the girls and me. At first, we agreed that that just wouldn't do. We would try negotiating with the passenger sitting next to me, with plans to ask him to switch with Johnny. But as we were making our way down the jetway, I started thinking. What if we actually kept that lone seat? What if I took the first shift with the ladies, and then a few hours in, when I was ready for a nap, we switched spots? Could I actually get some quiet time away from the gals, which would enable me to fit in my afternoon nap? Wouldn't Johnny enjoy that scenario, too?  I looked at Johnny, and I could tell he was thinking the same thing. In the end, we kept the lone seat (in Economy Plus, no less!), and sure enough - Johnny got a little nap, and so did I. Of course, the girls were wide awake the entire flight, but they couldn't have been better travelers. No complaints at all - and a strategic last minute move on our part made it that much better!


Debs said…
WOW! That is great for both adults & quality time with each parent. A win/win/win. Keep resting, eat well, hydrate after those long flights & have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Sara Gorman said…
Thanks, Debs! It was an all-around great trip...and we just added another successful round of flights to our portfolio. We went to Memphis this past weekend, and once again, the girls did well. We flew during non-nap times and made sure the hotel was ready for us upon check-in. We did great! Take care - SG

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