The project of all projects -

A few months ago, I was approached via email by Marissa, a lovely lady who wanted to do a lupus feature on her blog - part of a project she calls the "12-12-12 Project". In her own words, "educating myself on other medical conditions and focusing on another person’s journey may be the best way for me to pull through my own condition." So, she's committed to exploring 12 different conditions over the course of the year, featuring one person each month afflicted with that condition, and building awareness and understanding every step of the way. 

I'll let you read the inspiration for her project here, and you can see all the work she's done to educate herself on lupus here. Marissa and I will be talking later this week, and our conversation will be posted shortly after that. I'm looking forward to chatting, and while I know she wants to learn about me...I'd like to learn more about someone who takes on such a amazing project like this one.

You should  also check out her past projects which are truly captivating - each one more inspirational than the last. I'm honored to be included in the line-up, and my pillbags were excited to receive such a ringing endorsement, too!


Rhiann Johns said…
Great post Sara!! And I agree with you, it's a fantastic project and like yourself wasso honoured to be asked to take part in the project, and be among the many inspiring people who are featured. And I also love your pillfolds, bought one myself and so handy to keep track of my medications and so much easier to use than the box organisers especially those with manual dexterity problems like myself. And are so fashionable!!
Sara Gorman said…
Rhiann- Thanks so much for the feedback! I remember your order well - and am so happy that the pillfold's working for you. All the way across the ocean...:) Take care - SG

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