Pillbags at a gift shop near you!

The Pillbags are making their way to retail shops around the country - and we're thrilled to see them on the shelves! We've started out with a bang here in the Washington D.C. area - with lovely shops in No. Virginia and Maryland carrying the bags. I'll highlight the stores throughout the coming weeks - just in case you prefer to pick out your favorite pillbag in person!

One of the first shops to carry the pillbags was the Maris Elaine Gallery at the National Harbor in Oxen Hill, Maryland. The Gallery carries exquisite, one of a kind finds that owner Terri Hartwell Easter handpicks. She's a one of a kind herself, and if you're lucky enough to stop into the store when she's there, you'll have an even more enjoyable shopping experience, hearing first-hand how she collected each and every piece. When I was in just recently, I couldn't take my eyes off of a cowhide black and white square ottoman...but I didn't act fast enough. It boasts a "sold" sign now...but I'm sure something equally as wonderful will take its place.

You can read more about The Gallery here, and if you have a minute, stop by the National Harbor, pop your head into the Maris Elaine Gallery, and tell Terri I said hello. Oh, and pick up a pillbag while you're there!


Cassie said…
Hi Sara and everyone,

Happy Mother's Day to all! Just wanted to share that I attended the Lupus event in ALexandria a few weeks ago and purchased two of the pill bags and matching pill carriers. They are both beautiful and so wonderful to use!! The fabric and patterns are really designer quality and just make you feel so bright, even when you're getting to your pills. Don't wait - order them or go shop for them. They are really such a delightful thing to have - makes those pills seem not so dreary! Thanks, Sara!
Sara Gorman said…
Thanks, Cassie! I'm so glad you're enjoying your bags - and appreciate the plug. :) Looking forward to catching up at the next event!
Anonymous said…

Will you be in the local area anytime soon?

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