What's in store? Who cares!

I've never had my palm read. I've never even been to a fortune teller. And yet when I was in college, I wanted nothing more than to catch a glimpse of what life would look like for Sara (then Gretter) in the years to come. I wanted to see myself at 30 years old first, because at 18, 30 seemed SOOOO old. (Don't I know better now!) My next stop would have been 65 years old - thinking that by then, I would have retired and started my next phase of life - the live-it-up-while-winding-down phase. Of course, I've never caught a glimpse of what's in store for my future, and now, I know why.

When I was 26, I was diagnosed with lupus. At different times over the following few years, I lost all my hair, hobbled around like an old lady, and sported red, swollen, bulbous joints - all in all, not my best look. Do you think I would have understood what was going on had I seen that vision in my teens? No way! I couldn't even wrap my head around it in my 20's!

Even after I got my disease under control in my early 30's, life didn't look like what I would have expected it to - no kids, no job, just me, sleeping the day away with a pill box always at my side. Had I seen that that was the future in store for me, I would have asked for my money back. But fast-forward just a few years after that, and guess what I would have seen? That's right - a happy, healthy, vibrant 35-year-old, with a 9-month old adorable baby by my side and a book with my name on it. Who would have guessed! I realize that the old phrase "one day at a time" has never been more true - there's no need to look past today. Tomorrow will always be there - who knows what it will look like, but we'll find out when we get there.

That said, I have to admit that the "one day" phrase doesn't do much for me anymore. Maybe I've heard it too many times over the years - but the meaning is lost and I can't even really appreciate the sentiment when I hear the phrase. I think my dad feels the same way - which is why he recently shared the following with me - it was as if he knew I needed a fresh, new substitute. Here's his take on the subject - check it out:

I can do today.

Not bad, huh? It's almost hip, you know? And my dad would be the first to admit, he's not that hip of a guy. I think it's the plaid flannel that gives him away. Even still, he came up with a good one this time. Kudos to you, Dad - and keep the good ones coming!


Caroline said…
definitely one of my favorite postings
Sara Gorman said…
Thanks so much! Hope to see you on Monday night. I know you have a ton going on...but it would be great to catch up...and see pictures!

Talk soon - SG
Mrs. Chop said…
Excellent post! I think that's always the challenge, to live for today and not worry about what's coming down the pike tomorrow.
Sara Gorman said…
Thanks for stopping by! So hard not to worry about tomorrow, but it's good to know that I'm not alone in feeling the challenge. :)

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