Say "No" to the beach bunny? No way!

Check out these pictures of Deirdre at the shore over the 4th of July - there's no doubt about it, I have myself a little beach bunny! Unlike her mother, who prefers to remain dry, cool, and sand-free under a sheltering umbrella, Deerdeepants likes to experience the beach to the fullest. The sandier she is and the bigger the wave, the better.

While I haven't found myself frolicking in the ocean for quite some time (although I write about my first time "back to the beach" in my book...), being down at the beach with Deirdre was the best. I found myself feeling oh-so-proud that I'd worked so hard to get well enough that I could share some beach time with my little lady. Years ago, I would have worried about sitting in the surf, under the scorching sun, for an hour or so. In fact, years ago, I couldn't have done it. When lupus was flaring - after even a short period of time in the sun - my joints would have ached, I would have run a fever, and I would have felt pretty crummy for hours (if not a day or two) afterward. In fact, I probably would have asked her Dad to take her to the beach alone, but not now!
I was eager to sit in that squishy, wet sand with little Miss Deirdre - loving every minute of my time in the sun. Of course, I took precautions - wearing my cover up for a good part of the time, making sure my heavy duty sunscreen was replenished often, keeping my hat and sunglasses on, and getting plenty of rest before and after our romps at the beach - but I can't tell you how good it felt to be able to live a little, without consequence!


Marilyn said…
Sara, she is absolutely ADORABLE and looks like she's having the time of her life! Keep up the good work, super mom!
Sara Gorman said…
thanks so much! She is a sweetheart, I can tell you that. It just continues to get better and better...I wasn't prepared for that!!!

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