It's back to Artfully Chocolate I go!

Don't forget to join us for Despite Lupus' next book signing at ACKC in D.C. - the fabulous Cocoa Bar and Art Gallery where Despite Lupus had its debut signing. The first one was a blast - be sure to come by for the fun (and goodies!) in store for Monday's big event!

Despite Lupus Book Signing
Monday, July 27th, 7-8:30pm
1529C 14TH Street NW
Washington, DC 20005

Although plans have changed slightly for Monday's signing, things are still heating up for Despite Lupus! I'm sorry to announce that Anita Brikman, Channel 9's weeknight anchor, will no longer be able to join us for the evening's event. However, all is not lost. What could possibly be better than having Ms. Brikman join us on Monday evening? How about Despite Lupus joining Ms. Brikman on the Friday evening news to promote the big event?

That's right! Tune in this Friday evening at 7pm to catch a glimpse of an interview of yours truly with Anita Brikman on Channel 9. I'm thrilled that Ms. Brikman extended the offer to get the word out about lupus and the book signing - be sure to watch!

Thought I'd also include a bit about the spectacular venue for Monday's event. Wondering how ACKC came to be? Here's a snippet from their website...enjoy!

Once upon a time in a quaint confectionery shop in the bustling village of Alexandria, two men - Rob Kingsbury and Eric Nelson - stumbled upon a topic of conversation that would change their lives. Each had a passion for chocolate, a love of fine art, and an adoration of Hollywood divas. While discussing the truly esoteric subjects of Lucille Ball's chocolate-making ineptitude and totally inspired hair color, it hit them.

They would combine their passions - Rob's passion as a chocolatier and Eric's passion as an artist - and open a chocolatier/cocoa bar and art gallery. And this magical place would honor Lucy with a cocoa drink named after her, a drink whose infusion of chipotle peppers and cinnamon would conjure her daring personality and fiery hair.

And so, Artfully Chocolate Kingsbury Confections (lovingly known as ACKC) was born. It would take months to realize the dream (and to recover from their mimosa-induced hangover from that momentous day), but on December 6, 2007, ACKC opened to the delight of chocoholics far and wide.

From the beginning, ACKC has been a place filled with delicious chocolate, brilliant art, fun, fantasy, and spectacle. Rob and Eric are dedicated to bringing you a truly memorable experience. They are constantly feeling out their customers (most of the time, just figuratively) to determine what will make the experience more satisfying.
Visit us, judge for yourself, and tell them what you think...

See you there!


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