My Definition? Idiotic.

There are alot of rather unsavory words in the English language, most of which I need not mention here. However, there is one particular word that I feel is the worst of the bunch. I'd never heard of it before being diagnosed with Lupus, but thankfully, it's not thrown around all that often.

What could it be, this word that I disdain so much? I can hardly say it. But nonetheless, here it is, the worst word in the world of Lupus lingo....drum roll please...


Terrible, huh? Don't know what it means? According to, here's the definition:

Idiopathic: Of, relating to, or designating a disease having no known cause.

Just what you wanted to hear, right? I've had fevers, rashes, swellings, and a whole host of other symptoms that have been termed "idiopathic". I've come to realize just how thankful I am when I walk into the doctor's office, lay out my symptoms on the table, and the doctor replies, "I know just what that's from. It's because of x, y, or z.

The worst? When there's no explanation, no reason, no cause for the problems you're experiencing. You certainly don't have to have Lupus to experience the pain of an idiopathic symptom. I have friends who struggle with infertility (for no apparent reason), mysterious leg swellings, or random bumps, bruising, or the like. I even had a friend who had to temporarily postpone his liver transplant surgery because his blood tests were showing "idiopathic" results. I say a big, fat UGH! to all idiopathic symptoms everywhere.

May you have an idiopathic-free weekend!


Anonymous said…
Hi Sara . . . I'm "delurking" to say how much I've enjoyed reading your Blog! I was diagnosed three years ago with Lupus - after almost 10 years of various rashes, fevers, stiff joints, and odd lung problems.

One of my "favorite" lupus manifestations (before my diagnosis) was a periodic severe headache, followed by an eyelid droop! I was afraid I was having some sort of weird stroke -- but an ophthalmologist determined it was of “idiopathic origin” nothing serious, and sent me on my way . . .
Sara Gorman said…
Gotta love the idiopathic comment, don't you? I've never heard of your droopy eyelid issue...sorry to hear about it, but thanks for enlightening me. Lupus never ceases to amaze, does it? :)

And I look forward to hearing from you again.

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