Bring on the Back Ache!

I'm definitely starting to feel pregnant: My stomach can no longer be referred to as a cute little bump - it is now officially a big ole' belly; my ankles are sufficiently puffy and I'm starting to become forgetful. I'd say I have all of the markings of a mom-to-be. What fun!

Even with all of the not-so-great things that come with pregnancy - the weight gain, acid reflux, and food restrictions, along with some of the special measures I've taken to account for Lupus -I have very few complaints. In fact, I was reminded the other day just how great the aches and pains of pregnancy can be, compared, of course, to those of a Lupus flare.

A few days ago, I went to lie down on the bed for my afternoon nap, and my back started to ache. Not arthritic, chronic, burning pain like Lupus would bring - just a regular old back ache - most likely brought on by the introduction of this little belly of mine. And you know, as I rolled from one side to the other to alleviate the pain, I thought - how wonderful it is to be able to remedy the pain so quickly, so easily, so effortlessly. It was a simple strain that had a simple answer, and that's all there was to it. There weren't any swollen knuckles, enlarged glands, or low grade fevers to accompany the pain; there was no concern as to whether or not my evening meds would be able to alleviate the hurt enough for me to sleep. In fact, I had no worries at all. I actually felt relieved and even a little thankful that after years of fighting the pain and suffering of Lupus, I, too, could experience the typical aches and pains of pregnancy, with no strings attached. Just me, feeling what any other pregnant woman might feel at this point. How great. How refreshing. How normal.


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