Baby Bun on the Way!

That's right! I'm pregnant! After years of watching and waiting for my body to get healthy, stable, and strong, the doctor gave me the green light in October to start trying. January rolled around, and lo' and behold, Baby Bun arrived on the scene. Johnny and I are very excited, and the pugs are looking forward to the arrival of a new baby brother or sister on or around October 20th.

Having just completed my first trimester, things are going extremely well. I feel that I have the best high-risk obstetric care in the area, and we're taking the necessary precautions (daily injections, frequent blood tests, extra monitoring) to make sure Baby Bun and I stay healthy. Baby's heart beat is very strong, and legs and arms have been waving wildly at each of the three sonograms we've had thus far.

While we're not planning on finding out the baby's gender, I do have bi-weekly sonograms scheduled from week 16 through week 32. This is to monitor for potential congenital heart block in the baby caused by an SS-A Lupus antibody, ideally treated with a course of drug therapy. If we can make it through all eight ultrasounds without a slip from the technician or without peeking, than a surprise it will be.

Many people have been asking how Baby got the nickname "Bun", so I thought I'd let you take a guess. See the poll at the bottom of the site to check out the multiple choice options. Tune in next week to see if you were right!


Anonymous said…
Sara - Congratulations! Laura Von Schriltz passed along this most amazing news! Your Henninger family is so excited for you! Too many exclamation points! Take good care of yourself and Baby Bun. Definitely thinking of you and wishing you the best, healthiest pregnancy possible. I hope the pugs don't get jealous. (:
Karen said…
Wonderful news! You must be absolutely thrilled. Be assured that baby Gorman will be worth the wait. Enjoy your pregnancy and take good care of yourself.

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