My favorite part of the Pillbag business revealed!

When I launched my pillbag business a few years back, I had no idea that my favorite part would be selecting the fun fabrics for all of our products! πŸ”ŽI love finding new colors and designs for each of our bag styles. I am definitely partial to the color blue, as evidenced by every shade of blue having representation on our website currently! Navy, cobalt, teal, aqua - I've never met a blue I didn't like. πŸ’™ But we try to mix up the designs with pops of reds, corals, and greens - though the brighter and cheerier, the better. πŸ’ŠThe goal from the beginning was to design a bag that transformed the dreaded, often pain staking task of taking medication into something that brightens the mood, lifts the spirit, and simplifies the task at hand. πŸ‘ As we've branched out into toiletry totes, jewelry cases, and all-purpose storage solutions, our mission continues - to put cute, fashionable fabrics on our functional, patented designs to take organizing your life one step closer to fun. 😊

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