Lupus nephritis Clinical Trial, Lupus Awareness, and my kids as Lupus Nap Police!

It's Lupus Awareness Month! Time to boost awareness, and talk about all things lupus!

Truth is, every month is lupus awareness month around my house. Not a day goes by when at least one family member doesn't initiate a conversation around the word, "lupus." Lately, it's been in reference to plaquenil or the coronavirus. But usually, it concerns my daily nap, a doctor's appointment, a medication, or my work here at Despite Lupus.

I'm thrilled that my family is a huge part of my life with lupus.  Since being home from school, my daughters have quickly taken over the reins from my husband as "nap police". Many afternoons, my girls will come in from playing, see that I'm still awake, and say, "Mom, why are you still up?" or "You need to stop working and go to sleep!" (I love that me scrambling to fit in an ounce of work before my daily, afternoon nap because homeschooling has taken up a huge chunk of my morning now results in being reprimanded by the children that I was just homeschooling.) 🤪

But I love that they care, and even more, that they know to care. I hope that their sympathetic tendencies will serve them well as they grow!

In honor of LAM, here you'll find a link to a Leapcure clinical trial pre-screening for Lupus Nephritis. It's a quick survey, and we all know the value of clinical trials in a world where only one drug has been approved for lupus in almost 60 years! In 1948, aspirin was approved; in 1955, corticosteroids; in 2011, Benlysta. I can't be sure, but I would bet clinical trials played a huge role in all of those approvals.

The good news is that never before have more pharmaceutical companies been talking about lupus. Research is well on way its way, and patient-centered programs and initiatives have become a staple for these companies.  Let's do our part by taking a 60 sec survey!

You'll find the link here, and you can find out more about Leapcure here.


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