Client Centered Network highlights Lupus: Despite Lupus interviewed!

I recently took part in an interview for The Client Centered Network, whose blog is currently highlighting lupus in honor of Lupus Awareness Month. I was happy to participate, and thrilled that they chose to highlight our disease as a way of educating and informing others about lupus. They asked great, thoughtful questions, and also interviewed Leslie Rott of Getting Closer to Myself and Shaista Tayabali of Lupus in Flight, both with whom I've had the honor of working.

Find a snippet of my interview below, and you can read the rest of the article here:


CCN: What is one thing you wish everyone understood about living with Lupus?

SG: I think many fail to understand that living with a chronic illness requires a daily commitment to living well. All the little decisions I make each day - how much I try to accomplish, how much stress I allow to creep into my work, or how many hours I wait until I take a nap – they all impact my disease activity. If I try to do too much, get too stressed, or wait too long to nap, there are consequences. My body reacts, my symptoms increase, and I risk a flare. So despite the fact that I look normal, happy, and healthy, not a day goes by that I don’t think about living with lupus.

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