So bold! 🌊🌊#lupusin60

Lupus in 60 Sec: Diagnosed with lupus in my mid-20's, I used to think being brave meant pushing through my pain, denying people's help, and hiding my struggle. Today, I know that bravery means exactly the opposite. Successfully managing a life with lupus means you're bold enough to accept help when you need it, brave enough to admit you hurt, and gutsy enough to speak up about the disease. Take that, Lupus. You've got nothing on me! #blog #inspire #makewaves #makeadifference #waves #martinique #vacation #lupus

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Trish said…
Thank you for posting this. I am working through my diagnosis and this week have been struggling through my second major flare. I feel like a failure as I lay in bed listening to my husband give my eight year old daughter her spelling test but I'm too weak to get up. Admitting the pain and struggle is so difficult.
Anonymous said…
Bless your heart, Trish. I completely understand where you are tonight. Praying overwhelming peace and joy over you tonight!! Don't ever give up hope!
Sara Gorman said…
It is SO hard to miss out on stuff like that! I used to convince myself that everything important and life-shaping with my kids happened while my husband was in charge and i napped daily. But i know that wasnt really the case.😏 As i, too, used to listened to them interact from my bedroom, as only fathers and daughters do, i tried to appreciate the special moments they were creating with their dad. You'll be back to running the homework show soon enough. But dont be surprised if you get a "Daddy doesn't make me write them AND say them out loud" routine. :) Hope you're feeling stronger soon!