WEGO Health Nominations - Check out my faves!

It's time for the WEGO Health Activist Nominations! I had the honor of being nominated in the past, so I'm thrilled to support those who have been nominated this year. Here are my picks, in no particular order:

*Jenni Prokopy, ChronicBabe.com – Jenni’s ChronicBabe.com is THE go-to resource for all things chronic illness. There’s a blogs, a free bi-weekly e-newsletter, a forum bursting with conversation, podcasts, videos, and more. Jenni is always reinventing her site’s offerings in an effort to reach her audience. She is a constant Health Activist. I’m so glad she’s been recognized!

*Holly Bertone, Coconut's Head Survival Guide - Holly brings humor and empowerment to Breast Cancer Survivor's around the world.  She's the author of two books, president of Pink Fortitude, LLC, and she just started carrying the pillbags on her site. Go, Holly!

*Tami Neumann, Conversations in Care Radio Show, Host, Speaker, Health Advocate - I was recently introduced to Tami and her radio show, discovering that she is the ideal candidate for a Health Activist Award! I'll be joining her for a radio interview on Wednesday, Feb. 25, where we'll talk chronic illness and beyond.  Stay tuned for details on how you can listen to the interview, and in the meantime, cast your endorsement for Tami!

*Julie Flygare, REM Runner, Narcolepsy Advocate - I had the pleasure of meeting up with Julie when she was putting the finishing touches on her book, "Wide Awake and Dreaming". I was honored to be included in her acknowledgements, and I'm happy to say I knew her when! Since she's been published, she's done fabulous things for the Narcolepsy community. Her nomination is well-deserved!

Take a moment and check out the WEGO Health website today. You'll discover just how many people are out there, advocating for health issues that affect their everyday lives, just like you and me!


Holly said…
Hi Sara - Thank you so much for the shoutout! Hugs, Holly

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