Despite Lupus Free Books contest - Winners announced!

It's time to announce the winners of the freebie copies of Despite Lupus! Thanks to everyone who sent in entry emails. As mentioned last week, I was floored by the interest in the contest, and it was so refreshing to hear from so many people from around the globe. I heard from lupus patients from literally every corner of the world, and I am truly thankful to have received such heartfelt emails. I wish I could accommodate every last one of you!

My intention was to choose three lucky winners, but having received so many entries, I've decided to share the wealth, and have chosen five winners. I'll divvy up the thirty copies as necessary. I figure it's better to share the sun-kissed copies with as many groups as possible! So without further delay, here are the recipients of the Despite Lupus sun-kissed copy contest, in no particular order:

The Enfield Lupus Support Group, outside of London, England (entry by Monique)

The dedicated team of chronic, auto-immune nurses at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (entry by Sue)

The Surrey Lupus Support Group in Surrey, British Columbia (entry by Renuka)

The Dallas Diamonds support group in Dallas, Georgia (entry by Patti)

Greater Ohio Chapter, Lupus Foundation of America, in Brecksville, Ohio (entry by Brittney)

The sincere emails I received from these groups were quite touching, and I really appreciated the time and effort they spent in presenting their "case". There were several other emails that were just as lovely, and every email I received represented a person or group deserving of the books. I just wish I had more freebies to go around! 

Thanks again for participating, and to the winners - I will contact each of you individually to ensure that I have proper contact information before shipping your books. 

Have a fabulous weekend! 


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