"How many pills can a Pillfold hold?", asked the customer to the Pillbag Lady

This is a question I hear quite often when it comes to selling PillbagsCustomers want to know exactly how big the zippered pouches of the Pillfold are, and I understand. If your pills don't fit, the Pillfold won't work. At Pillbag headquarters, we're all about adherence to your daily medication routine. We know you can't just leave one or two pills out in the cold!

But because all pills range in size and shape, it is difficult to definitively answer the question, "How many pills does the Pillfold hold?"  I know you'd like to size up our pillbags, so I'll do my best to give you a few sizing guidelines. 
First attempt:
As many of you know, the Pillfold has eight zippered rows - one for each day of the week, and an extra for additional medication. The rows for the days of the week are broken up into two distinct pouches, one for your morning pills, and the other for your evening pills. (Each side is designated by a sun or moon, respectively.) One side of the pillfold (that is, one half of each row, or, for example, the morning side) holds approximately 11-12 M&M candies, or 9-10 Mike&Ike candies.  (Forgive us. We have a sweet tooth.)

Second attempt: 
One side of the pillfold (for example,the morning side) holds equal to, though usually more pills than a single day of a traditional weekly plastic pillbox. Thus, a full Pillfold holds more than two traditional weekly plastic pillboxes put together. Plus, you have the eighth pouch for even more medication.

Third attempt: A Pillfold in action!
Thanks to a beloved customer in the UK who provided the following images of her own pillfolds, you can see how many pills she's able to fit into each side of her pillfold. The pills she's holding in her hand illustrate the pills she fits into one side (or one half) of the pillfold. You can also see another combination of pills that she fits into one side (or one half) of the pillfold, via the small plate she uses to count out her pills shown here. And below are her two pillfolds chock full. Looks like she's ready to rock!


Anonymous said…
I love my Pillfold, which I received as a gift last year. I never feel embarrased when eating out with friends or family and need to take my meds. Since I pack it in the beginning of each week, it makes remembering to take my meds much easier. And a last minute change in plans is much easier when all I have to do is slip my pillfold into my purse and go. After a year of use, it still looks great! I love it!
Sara Gorman said…
I'm so glad you like your pillfold! Thanks so much for wonderful feedback. I really appreciate it!
Lou said…
I work as a programmer around guys. It was embarrassing to have a pillbox. I was always trying to hide it. With Lupus and Sjogren’s I already feel like a nut case. The pill bag can sit on my desk and no one knows what it is. I love it. I am going to buy a back-up!
Thanks for understanding what was needed! If you ever come up with a morning, noon and night kit I will buy that too.
Sara Gorman said…
Three cheers for a discrete pill organizer! I'm so glad it's working for you - and truly appreciate hearing from you. I'll keep u posted on a three-a-day pillbag. You're not the only one who's asked about one! :) thank u!
Sadaf Shaikh said…
Sara, it's been a while since I've visited here. I too love my pillfold which I bought as a birthday present for myself this year. I went to India for 3 weeks and was able to carry all the pills I needed for the entire trip in it - it's smaller than my wallet, I might add!

My lupus flares have been kept very much at bay thanks to regularly taking my pills and monitoring for initial symptoms. Hope you had a great Christmas and all the best in the coming year.

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