Lupus gets some air time...on national television!

Check this out...a little product placement for the Lupus Foundation of America! Here's a screen shot of a scene from a recent episode of Cougar Town. I've personally never seen the show - a friend sent me the photo above - but if TBS is such a lupus supporter, I may have to start tuning in!!

Along these same lines, I've been catching up on old episodes of 30 Rock, and it seems as though Liz Lemon can't drop the old "L" word often enough. I've counted at least three or four episodes where "lupus" has been mentioned. Sure, in some instances, the disease is a little misrepresented, but I think anytime the word "lupus" is mentioned on national television, we gain recognition. I bet at least one person, if not ten, pondered, discussed, or looked up the word "lupus" after it was mentioned on each episode. If so, that's at least one (or ten) more people talking about it. I know some disagree, but I thank Tina Fey and the folks at 30 Rock for bringing a little more attention to this nasty unknown disease.


Sara Gorman said…
Thanks so much for the nomination! I'll check out the link provided--I appreciate you thinking of me!!
This is pretty interesting, especially since my girlfriend does actually watch that show once in awhile. I am glad to see that the Lupus Foundation got a little national exposure over the air though! Maybe we'll see something more during May?
Sara Gorman said…
Let's hope they really do it up in May!!! thanks for your comment.

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