En vogue medical supply bags of the world...UNITE!

So much excitement this week at Pillbag headquarters. We filed our final response to the Patent and Trademark Office earlier this week, so the fate of my utility patent is now in the hands of the examiner. I feel pretty good about the filing after the interview I had at the PTO, and we're definitely putting our best foot forward.

My attorney commented that because aspects of my bag were designed with specific purpose - for instance, the zipper pulls must be oversized for arthritic fingers, and the morning and evening pouches must be side by side for continuity -  these help to set my Pillbags apart from anything else out there. We shall see - goodness knows the stylish medicine-takers of the world need a better solution than a plastic, clunky pill box!

Camino in Royal Princess OliviaAlong those lines, I was thrilled to discover a new line of stylish "medicine" bags in the marketplace - elegant, sophisticated bags specifically designed to carry daily diabetes suppliesMonica Vesci Copenhagen has just launched a line of Camino Clutches, and they are absolutely fabulous. They truly are "little luxuries for life with diabetes."

I mean, how great is this little guy above?
Inside, there are designated spots for all of the diabetes essentials, plus everyday essentials:

  • Hidden Round Disposal Container
  • Insulin Pens
  • Needles
  • Syringes
  • Lancing Supplies
  • Test Strips
  • Glucose Meter/Extra Batteries
  • CGM
  • Glucose Tabs
  • Insulin Pump Supplies
  • Back-Up Insulin
I cannot tell you how exciting this is - someone else venturing out into the marketplace, in an effort to bring style and grace to the lives of those with a chronic illness. I applaud her efforts and design, and look forward to more developments in the world of medical-supply-bags-gone-en-vogue. There's always room for more!

See Monica Vesci's entire line of products here and be sure to like her Facebook page here!


Heather said…
I just wish someone would create an effective, attractice, and TSA compliant travel bag for refrigerated meds! Traveling with Enbrel is not a breeze.
Sara Gorman said…
Such a good idea!! i've heard my girlfriends talk about that in regard to infertility drugs, too--and that's just for a temporary need. You need it long term!! Let me know what would need to be included...just so i'll have it in the back of my mind. you never know!
Unknown said…
Thanks for the reminder... Autoclave I always forget to check medical supplies online!
I am satisfied by Heather it would be nice if anyone could find a solution to TSA compliant travel bag for refrigerated medical supplies.
Thanks! Keep posting.
Unknown said…
Medical supply distributors that can be found online are being sought out by many people who require daily in-home care. However, one can't expect that all online distributorships would provide top-quality goods and services.
aas said…
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Sara Gorman said…
Thanks so much for your comments on this! When I looked up refrigerated tsa compliant medicine bags, there seem to be a couple of options...though some not as pretty as others. :) I know some pharma companies used to have them too. If anyone finds one that they recommend, pass it along!

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