Despite Lupus hits the Purple bus!


Guess who I hung out with this weekend? The Purple bus!

I had a great time at the LFA Virginia Summit in Richmond on Saturday. The event coincided with the arrival of the Purple bus on the VCU campus. I was anxious to go in, and I wasn't disappointed. As you can see from the pictures below, I got a chance to where 3D glasses (which always makes me happy), and the interactive displays were great.

Look at me being surprised, even!

A big thanks to everyone who came out for the event, and to my new (and repeat) Pillbag and book customers. Who doesn't need a Pillfold in every color?

And many thanks to Johnny for driving me down, helping to man the booth, and running the show while I slipped away for my afternoon siesta. I fit in a nice nap while he stood watch, and then I relaxed as he chauffeured me the two-hour ride home. Last year, I made the trip by myself, and vowed to never do it again. I got way too tired, and I have enough lupus years under my belt to learn from my mistakes. So - we hired a babysitter for the day, and hit the road. We made a great team! (Photos by S. John Gorman - his stage name.)


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