Don't have an answer from your doctor? Call today!

I owe my doctor a phone call. Not my rheumatologist - but my opthamologist. And I'm embarrassed to say that I don't have a current issue to discuss. Rather, I need to follow up from some tests I had in, ahem, October.

That's right - I totally dropped the ball in finding out the results from those eye exams I had last fall. You can read about the details here, along with my issues with plaquenil in the past, but the bottom line is this - I need to pick up the phone and ask the doctor to fill me in on the results.

I'm assuming (and you know how that usually turns out) that the results are completely normal, that no flags were raised, and that's why no one has called me from either my opthamologist's office, nor from the specialized eye doctor who did the ERG.

But I shall assume no longer. Expect an update within the week regarding my eyes, plaquenil, and those awkward tests I had done. And while you're waiting, if there's any phone call YOU should be making right now - to follow up on tests results, mention a nagging symptom that you know isn't normal, or ask someone for a referral or an appointment - do it now. I'll race you to the finish!

(And just to be clear - if any of you are "assuming" that those health to-do's I mentioned above are just going to work themselves out - think again. We're the ones in charge of following up with our doctors. And anyway, you're wasting time. I'm already dialing...)



Aymie said…
Keep going with the nagging!

On my doctor-to-do list:

Get my eyes checked for any plaquenil changes. It has been over a year since my last one...
Discuss the random bruises. (Thanks again!)
Discuss increasing migraines.
Get my throat infection treated... (3 days, increasingly swollen joints, little spots appearing and now starting to feel slightly sick. Not good!)
See about coming off/reducing Celebrex.
Write a list of meds etc for a day procedure next week.
Get blood results from last rheumy appointment to see if ANA is finally positive. Probably won't be, but never know.
And, lastly, but by far the most important:

Find a new rheumatologist because I'm going back to uni in September! Four years later, i'm kicking lupus's butt and will be getting on with the most normal and natural thing I've ever wanted to do. Despite lupus :)
Sara Gorman said…
Aymie - If only we could all make a list like this, and then follow through and get the answers!! Best of luck with the search for the doctor - at least you're armed and ready for the new one. :)

Thanks so much!
Ann Utterback said…
The multfocal erg was especially difficult for me, Sara, because the blind area in my right eye made it impossible to see that pesky little circle to stare at. The had to do the entire test twice on that eye! Oh, the joys of Plaquenil?!?
Aymie said…
And five of those things are done.
I've found a new rheumie, in a lupus clinic too, which is great because there's no such things as lupus clinics where I live. (There's also a students with lupus support group there. Thanks for the nudge that way! It'll be my first support group) Find out on Friday how to transfer to her. Also will find my ANA results then.
My eyes are great, no change!
Throat infection is so nearly gone and I start the last day of penicillin tomorrow. However, because of the infection, I had a little flare and Celebrex is staying where it is for now. Oh well.
And, as the day procedure is tomorrow,my Meds have been written out, as well as a list of what's happened to me since lupus for my new rheumie and for student services.

One thing lupus has taught me is the importance of being organised. I've got little lists everywhere of what I need to do, they're colour coded according to what category of life they fall into, and get ticked off at the end of the day.
Sara Gorman said…
Oh, Ann! Twice? That is a real pain!! A friend of mine very early on in a diagnosis is weighing the risks of plaqunil - and I tried to be as honest as I could about the effects of the drug. All-around good, I'd say, but there are issues to consider for sure! Good to hear from you!
Sara Gorman said…
Aymie - All great news! Glad to know your lists are littered around as well. I'm just now delving into the world of an online calendar, which I'll sync between my phone and laptop. I hope I don't go through "sticky withdrawal"!

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