Introducing "The Fairy and the Wolf"

I am proud to announce the latest and greatest lupus book on the market - "The Fairy and the Wolf: A Story about Lupus." This is a children's book written by a friend of mine with lupus. She and her co-authors have done an absolutely outstanding job with the book - the illustrations are fabulous, and the text is spot-on. Deirdre insisted on reading it three times in a row once our copy arrived in the mail.

The authors present a very complicated subject in a simple, sweet way so that kids can understand it.  Deirdre LOVES the fairy concept - and is slowly getting the idea of what lupus is and how it affects me. In fact, there's a page where the fairy explains a few things that the little boy in the story can do to help his mom who has lupus. It's a perfect spot for me to insert my own personal need, which is, "Be super quiet during nap time so Mommy can get her rest." And it works! She gets (and likes) the fact that there's something she can do to help.

This is a great new book for any parent with lupus, and the book will be available right here on my website. Be sure to check it out this weekend. Enjoy!


JaimeGault said…
Yay Sara,
Thank you so much for all of your help!! You are wonderful!

Molly McCabe said…
Thank you Sara for your kind words and wonderful guidance. I hope we get to meet in person someday soon!!!
Sara Gorman said…
You're welcome, fellow authors!

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