The Pillbags next appearance - this Saturday in Old Town!

The PILLFOLD and PILLPOUCH made quite a splash at last weekend's Holiday Marketplace...what fun to design a product that makes you feel sassy about taking your meds!

This weekend is sure to offer more of the same, this time in Old Town, Alexandria. The PILLBAGS will be front and center at the St. Mary's Bazaar this Saturday, from 10-4pm. Details are as follows. You'll have to come by on Saturday to see all of the fabrics available. See you there!


Saint Mary's Christmas Bazaar
Saturday, November 19th, 10-4pm
400 Green St., Alexandria, Virginia 22314




GG said…
extremely cute!
Leslie said…
I love! Will you be selling these online? I'm so sick of the traditional, clunky plastic things.
Sara Gorman said…
Leslie - I was sick of those, too!! The site will be up soon, complete with product shots, shopping cart, etc. I hope within the next few weeks. I'll be sure to let you know!

BD said…
I can't wait... I love these! I will be ordering one or a few :)

Very genius idea Sara!
They make me smile and want to pitch my ugly plastic organizer!!! I'm hoping to go on Saturday!
Emily H. said…
Sara! I looooove them! I will order several as soon as I can order online! Genius idea! You are awesome and so creative!
Sara Gorman said…
Thanks, everybody! Online ordering should be up soon. I'll be sure to send word!!

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