Lupus and malware - the festering champions of the world

I promise I won't make a habit of these malware/lupus comparison posts, even though I could probably come up with a dozen more ways to compare the two evils. Having dealt with threats and alerts on my site practically every day for the last three or four weeks, I feel like I have a pretty good handle on how this malware stuff works. It's sneaky for one - and it festers, even when you don't think it's festering, it is. And the more time you wait to do something about it - the worse it gets. Like, exponentially worse. The site gets so overwrought with infection, that it's hard to get things under control. It's even hard to know where to start.

Sound a little familiar?

I realized that I fell prey to optimism once again. I just kept thinking that the malware issue would go away, that it wasn't as serious as it looked, and that I should just carry on as usual, and the problem would fall by the way side. I didn't actually ignore it - I just don't think I gave it the attention it deserved early on. I didn't bring in the big guns (the malware experts at until it was almost too late. Sure, I was on top of my web guys to keep after it - making sure they followed up on every hint of stray code. But that wasn't really addressing the issue - that was just treating the symptom.

Again, sound familiar?

I think it's only natural that we try to just keep plugging along, even when the obstacles in our path threaten to side track us or drag us down. That's how we're able to get things done, right? Head down, full speed ahead. But sometimes, the issues that we're trying so hard to ignore point to a bigger problem that really does need to be addressed. And the longer we wait to address it, the worse it gets. It festers, and soon enough, we find ourselves (and our websites) debilitated from head to toe.

So the next time you say to yourself, "I should probably call the doctor about this", just do it. Don't wait for your instincts to just "push through" kick in, and don't let that optimism convince you that the problem will just go away. That increase in joint pain, the fever that won't go away, that pesky rash that keeps surfacing - don't just brush them aside. The sooner you make that appointment, the sooner you'll address the issue at hand, and the closer you will be to having a clean bill of health. 

And oh, what a fabulous feeling that is!


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