The cloud has been lifted...

I'm officially declaring the month of October "Malware Month" on Despite Seriously - that was the worst case of website infection ever!!!

My apologies for the disruption on my site - I had to abandon blogging for the last week or so due to the difficulties, and as you can see, I've stripped down my site, all in an effort to get rid of that nasty malware.

Fingers crossed - I'm in the clear now, thanks to the handy services of The team at Sucuri, along with the tireless efforts of my web guys, have left me with a site free of malware. Thanks to all of the emails and get-well cards - I really appreciated the tip-offs!

So - look for updates and new posts to come next week. I'll fill you in on what's been going on in the world of Despite Lupus. There's a new site in the works, with a fresh new look and a whole new line of products I've designed for people who are living well, despite their chronic illness. Stay tuned!!


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