ALR's SLEGEN Project - Don't particularly like the name, but love what they do!

Alliance for Lupus Research (ALR) has been doing wonderful things over the past few years, and this SLEGEN project, short for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Genentics Consortium, is one of them.

This project, founded in 2005, conducted a three year study that has uncovered specific genes linked to lupus. The study was supported and funded by ALR - a $2.25 billion endeavor.

Researchers studied DNA from more than 6,700 women, including lupus patients, their families and unrelated controls.

After scanning the entire genome and 317,000 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), scientists found:

◦A total of four genes with robust evidence of genetic linkage to lupus - gene ITGAM, KIAA1542 and PXK - and at SNP rs10798269, a DNA unit not found within any known gene.

◦Nine other genes with promising evidence of linkage to the disease

Cool, huh? But maybe you're asking, so what happens next?

Thankfully, ALR answers that:

"Now that these genes have been identified, other scientists can seize upon these findings to start developing new strategies for prevention and therapy. These results represent a significant step toward the ALR mission of preventing, treating and curing lupus. Moving forward, SLEGEN updates will show how this study is driving further advancement in lupus treatment. The SLEGEN project opens the door to future lupus research funding that will help build on these groundbreaking results."

Super cool, right?

Copies of Despite Lupus have served as auction items at various ALR events over the years. If the results keep flowing, the copies will keep coming!

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