Malware alert - sorry for the distraction!

My apologies if you've been experiencing the nasty malware alert on my site. My webguys are on it - they've run scan after scan, without finding anything on my actual site, but there does seem to be an issue on Blogger's end. Thus, Google is black balling the blogspot. (Hint - if you go to, you might be okay. It's that seems to be causing the trouble!)

That said, I'll continue posting, because from the comments and emails I've been getting, many of you are still reading. (I can post and view my site without a problem, interestingly enough.) Hopefully, the malware alert will be lifted soon - we've asked Google to run another site check, and my fingers are crossed that they'll find what my webguys are finding. Nothing!!

Thanks for sticking with me. DL will return to its former glory soon!


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