Despite Lupus seminar in New York City. Join me on Thurs, 9/29!

A few months ago, I mentioned an interview with a doctor from the Hospital for Special Surgery, and I highlighted some of the great SLE workshops they've held throughout the year. They're kicking off their fall workshops for the year, and they've asked me to be a guest speaker for their September event. I'm honored to do so!

Join me on Thursday, September 29th from 12-2pm - I'll discuss some of the strategies I've used for living well with lupus, and then we'll have an informal open discussion after my presentation. Looking forward to exchanging ideas on how to make life with a chronic illness better!

Here are the details for the event - just be sure to contact Roberta Horton, the Director of Social Work Programs at 212.606.1033 by Wednesday, 9/21. Advance registration is required, and space is limited - so be sure to contact Roberta soon!

Lupus Workshop: Thursday, Sept 29, 12-2 PM

Place: Conference Room A, 2nd Floor
Topic: Living Well, Despite Lupus!
Guest Speaker:
Sara Gorman, health blogger, lupus patient of 10 years, and author of “Despite Lupus: How to Live Well with a Chronic Illness”

TEXT from the event's FLYER:

If you have lupus, you know first-hand the emotional and physical challenges that can accompany life with a chronic illness.

Please join us for this special guest presentation by author and health blogger Sara Gorman, who will share her perspective on her most important lessons on living well, despite her illness.

Sara Gorman was diagnosed with systemic lupus at the age of 26. As she relates in her book, she was determined not to let lupus rewrite her plans for the future, as she fought to maintain her demanding work schedule, social life and invincible attitude. But after four years, she felt she was “fighting life, not living it.”
 In Sara’s words, she began to “work with the disease rather than against it, and decided to start living well – despite lupus.” Learn about the steps she took to redirect her life to achieve this.

A native of Indiana and graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Ms. Gorman resides in Virginia with her husband & two young daughters.

After the presentation, Ms. Gorman will join us for an informal group discussion where members can share their thoughts and experiences regarding this personal topic, as well as an open discussion.

You will also have an opportunity to meet Lysa Silverstein, our new Social Work Intern and SLE Workshop Coordinator. Please contact Roberta Horton, at 212.606.1033 with your name and phone number to register.


I'd love to see you in NYC - hope you can make it!



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