Lupus Q & A with Dr. Erkan

The Hosptial for Special Surgery (New York, NY) recently posted the questions and answers to an interview conducted with Dr. Doruk Erkan, Rheumatologist, on their Facebook page.

Take a look at this link when you have the chance - some interesting questions, with straightforward answers. Note that the interview is actually geared toward Lupus and APS (Anti-phospholipid Syndrome), but the HSS has a great section of their website dedicated to lupus. They even have Benlysta listed as an actual treatment (rather than a pending possibility!) for the disease. How cool (and quick) is that!

If you have time, take a minute to browse their site. The sections (among others) that caught my eye are as follows:

Your Own Best Advocate: How to be an Active Participant in Your Care

How to Reduce Corticosteroid Side Effects

Acupuncture for SLE: Can it Work for You?

Relaxation Imagery and Lupus: How it Can Help



Alyssa said…
Have you ever tried acupuncture?
Sara Gorman said…
Alyssa - No, I haven't. I've met plenty of patients who swear by it, though. (I've also met several who say it doesn't have the long lasting results they were hoping for...) Years ago, when my support group hosted an acupuncturist, I asked my doctor if I could participate. He actually requested that I not do it...maybe because he thought it might skew the results of what he and I were trying to accomplish via medications, the right dosages/combinations, etc. Since then, I've never asked him - but you'll find plenty of people out there in pain who think acupuncture is the greatest! Thanks for asking!
3d ultrasounds said…
Interesting, can’t seem to see anything related on Google – I guess that I will have to have it bookmarked!

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