An appill a day...

Would you mind helping me with a little R&D for a Despite Lupus complementary project I have brewing? Check out the poll at the right...and answer as many questions as you can. I appreciate it!

The poll's subject? Pills, pills, and more pills. Those of us with lupus certainly know our way around a pharmacy - what with the myriad prescriptions we've been given since day one of our diagnosis. I consider it a MAJOR victory to be down to 2 actual prescriptions and a couple of OTC's -  adding up to a measly 8 pills a day, 4 of which are calcium supplements. Three cheers for pill-pare-down!

Shortly after I was diagnosed, I had my sights set on being pill-free, thinking that would be a reasonable goal to set for sometime down the road. But after 4 pretty rough years of lupus disease activity, tons of flares, and dozens of prescriptions later, I came to the slightly more realistic goal of simply taking as few medications as possible (working closely with my doctor every step of the way.) That goal allowed for a much healthier perspective toward my disease, and a much more emotionally satisfying one, too. If a couple of pills keep me healthy, stable and strong (not to mention mobile, upright, and energetic), so be it. I'm perfectly pleased with my drug cocktail at the moment. I can run, jump, and do cartwheels, right alongside Deirdre. What else could I ask for?

Thanks again for stopping by the poll, and I'll be sure to fill you in on my research findings. I've got something cooking for sure - can't wait to tell you what it is!


Angela said…
"Do you ever have to take your pills with you during the day?"
Both Yes - to work &
Yes - when going out to dinner
Donielle said…
You can run, jump, and do cartwheels? Clearly, I have not found the right rhuemy.

I take my pills with me during the day too, just in case I am not home to take them at the right time.
Anonymous said…
Interesting survey! I would fill it out, but I am still going through the process of figuring out whether I have lupus or not. Sara, can I ask you a slightly off-topic question? I've been thinking I might want to check out a lupus support group sometime. I know there's one that will be meeting tomorrow. Is it OK for someone like me to attend?
Sara Gorman said…
Angela - Thanks for specifying!

Donielle - ...and I can do a roundoff, too. :) Thanks for clarifying about your traveling pills.

And to Anonymous: I'm so glad you came to the meeting last week! It was a pleasure meeting you, and I hope to see you next week. Fingers are crossed for you as you meet with the doctor in the coming weeks.

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