Out with the old...

I meant to include these in Friday's post - but I'll post them today, simply because I think it makes the new definition of a lupus "flare" look all the more appealing.

Here are just a few old examples of what I got when I googled "lupus flare":

*When symptoms appear, it’s called a “flare.” These signs may come and go.

*Lupus patients often suffer unpredictable bouts of the disease – a flare – followed by periods of remission

* A lupus symptom that is active for a while is called a lupus flare;

Kinda vague, don't you think? The mention of the links above are in no way meant to be a knock against the sites from which they were taken. I just think it demonstrates how much more comprehensive the new definition is, quoted in Friday's post.

Onward and upward, lupites of the world. I think we're going to like being well-defined!


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