Lupus "flare" defined

Another breakthrough in the world of lupus!

The LFA spearheaded a four-year worldwide initiative in an effort to come up with the first ever global definition of a lupus flare - giving both patients and doctors a more effective means of measuring, discussing, and treating one's disease activity.

Here's the consensus definition:

A flare is a measurable increase in disease activity in one or more organ systems involving new or worse clinical signs and symptoms and/or lab measurements. It must be considered clinically significant by the assessor and usually there would be at least consideration of a change or an increase in treatment.

In my mind, the fact that the words "consideration of a change or increase in treatment" appear in the definition is a huge victory. Ideally, this will assist both patients and doctors in being able to pro-actively treat lupus symptoms in an effort to ease the unnecessary and unfavorable pain we so often endure. Three cheers for less pain and suffering!

Click here to read the LFA's official press release on the good news.


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