CafeMom's new support group - chronic illness up for discussion!

I was recently contacted by a rep from CafeMom, the social networking site for mothers, letting me know that they've just launched a support center for moms with chronic illnesses. Sounds like it could be a great resource. They're even featuring an Ask the Expert series, where members have the opportunity to ask questions of experts on various chronic illnesses.

This week, starting Monday, July 19th, psychologist Dr. Elvira Aletta of Explore What’s Next will be taking questions about the emotional side of managing chronic illness. Click here for a direct link to the Ask the Expert program for the week.

If, like me, this is your first introduction to the site, CafeMom is a leading website for mothers, reaching 6 million unique moms each month. Moms post more than 300,000 pieces of conversation in our groups each day. Take a minute to check out their site - looks like they cover just about everything!


Farrah said…
I am new to your blog and new to Lupus. I am anxious to read more on your site and check out your book. just wanted to say hi and introduce myself a little.
My name is Farrah, I am a mom of two boys, diagnosed with SLE just over a month ago and still very much trying to come to terms with it. I look forward to reading your posts in the future as I continue down this path.

Here We Go
Sara Gorman said…
I'm so glad you stopped by! I checked out your blog, and the post you did about actually saying outloud, "I have lupus" (and your reluctance to do so!) is like a page right out of my book. I wish you well as you navigate your way through the first few months of life with lupus. Feel free to stop back by, and I'll be sure to keep up with what's going on at "Here we go" too!

By the way - since I'm expecting in October, and I can no longer use the sling that I used daily with Deirdre (it's the "C" position type), what's your best recommendation for a carrier that's as unobtrusive as possible (i.e. second skin kind of thing)? The Bjorn just seems so clunky and bulky to me - my sling was super simple and didn't mess with my outfit too much! Please advise!

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