Back to blogging

My apologies for the blogging hiatus – we’ve been vacationing at the beach without internet access (all in all, not a bad thing!) for over the past week. We had a great time, and Darwin and Deirdre thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Here are a few pictures from our trip:

...Darwin participating in the 4th of July festivities

Deirdre finding time in her busy schedule to relax…

Practicing her beach-side handstand like her big cousins...

And riding the rapids in Ocean City, NJ.

We also finished up the week in New York City, where Deirdre learned how to hail a cab from her Uncle Tubby.

Look for more updates on KitKat and my 2nd oh-so-successful (at least thus far!) lupus pregnancy in the coming days. Looking forward to getting back to the blog!


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