Tally up the meds!

Having spent a total of 3 weeks on the road with Deirdre over the past couple of months, I realize that casually leaving my pill bag out on the nightstand (or the minibar unlocked!) in our hotel room with a one-year old running around isn't going to cut it! No worries, folks - Deirdre didn't even come close to getting her sweet little mitts on my prescription medications...but she sure did love the sound of those rattling pills!

I was able to find a safe, out-of-the way place for my pill bag - a place where she couldn't get them, but I wouldn't forget them. It can be a bit of a challenge - because you need a spot where you won't forget to take your pills each day, a place where you can get to them easily, and a spot where you won't forget to take them when you leave the hotel for good.

Juggling prescription meds can be quite an ordeal, and with lupus, it's almost a guarantee that you have at least a couple of drugs to contend with. When you get a second, check out the poll at the right, and cast your vote. Let's see just how many pill takers there are out there!

(And feel free to leave a comment listing the prescription/OTC drugs you take. I bet there are a few that we've ALL been prescribed!)


Anonymous said…
Why am I up at 3 am reading this and voting in your poll? Because I forgot to take my 3 bedtime meds! Six hours of tossing and turning later, waking up in pain and a pool of sweat, thinking I was having an inexplicable flare, it finally dawned on me--duh! Lortab, Lyrica, Clonidine, 'take me away!'. In the AM I'll start back on the other 6 prescrips of the day: Prevacid, Metanx, Celebrex, pentoxifylline, hydroxychloroquine and, if it's that one day per month, my monthly prescription dose of vitamin D. In addition, I take Citracal, Centrum and fish oil--doctor's orders! A Medrol dosepak is at the ready for emergency use. That's 10 prescriptions in total. BUT, I'm doing great, working part time and squeezing in lots of volunteering. Just have to remember to take my meds! Thanks a heap for your tremendously inspiring book and faithful blogging. MWAH!!
Lacey said…
Oh, let's see if I can remember them all:
Ibuprofen (Rx!)
Vit. D (Rx!)
I'm sure there's more, but I don't remember right now. I put them all in 'morning' and 'night' weekly containers every Saturday.

BTW, I started reading your blog from the beginning in October after I was diagnosed, and it has really helped. I just ordered your book, and can't wait to read it! Thank you!!!
Lacey said…
Whoops! Forgot the Relpax!
Sara Gorman said…
Thanks for tallying up your scripts, and I'm so glad you like the book and blog. I'm sure your most recent lapse in pill-taking will carry you over for awhile - I bet you won't forget again for months! At least my fingers are crossed. If you ever feel up to it, you could always try some version of a chronic control spreadsheet...where you mark off your meds when you take them. It definitely helped me keep things straight - see chapter 2 for details, and let me know if you give it a try! And so glad you're doing well -keep up the great attitude.
Sara Gorman said…
Lacey - Thanks for jotting down your meds so that we can compare notes. I've been on a couple of those, too (and several of the other meds mentioned in the comment above)...it always is surprising how many crossovers there are. When I used to take all of those pills, I'd think, "I HAVE to be the only one taking all these things." But I wasn't! Good to know that lots of pills is just a lupus thing - it wasn't just me!

And sounds like you have things all together , utilizing those pill organizers. Aren't those things great? AND I see that they now have weekly pill boxes that "come apart", so that you can just take a couple of days' worth of pills with you when traveling. Knowing me, I'd just throw the whole box in...I'm paranoid about being stuck somewhere and running out!

And thanks so much for ordering the book - I hope you find it useful. Be sure to check back in once you've cracked it open. I'd love to hear your comments.

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