New children's book - to benefit lupus!

Check out this new children's book when you have the chance - called " Mama, Won't you Play with Me?", by Meg Walsh, a 10 year veteran of Lupus. It was voted the "Book of the Month" by Mamapalooza - and a portion of the proceeds from her book sales goes to the LFA. How wonderful!

While I haven't had a chance to read the book in its entirety, it looks like a great read - telling the story of Dudley Duckling whose Mama has a broken wing and cannot play with him. (Sound familiar, lupus moms?) It is a story, “written from the heart”, says Walsh and a story in which the characters learn the invaluable lessons of love and family.

As it says on her website, Walsh wrote "Mama, Won’t You Play With Me?" after the difficult time that her family faced as she battled Systemic Lupus. Walsh says her children immediately connected with the main character Dudley and “it is my hope that it will bring comfort to the child in a similar situation.”

Walsh encourages readers to visit her website, to share their own stories and to nominate a charity to receive her donation.

Book also available on Enjoy!


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