Rest easy or is it Rest = Easy?

I've come to the conclusion that everything, and I mean everything, is easier if you're well-rested. Fatigue can be such a downer...when I'm tired, I can't think straight, my eyesight gets a little blurry, I turn into a crabmeister (for details, ask my husband), and it seems like any task I attempt to complete becomes a major obstacle. It's as though the task is actually harder to finish when I'm tired.

Check out this great article titled, "Top 10 Health Benefits of a Good Night's Sleep: Why Sleep Matters to You". Among the top 10 things listed, these three are paramount for lupites like us:

Reduces inflammation - a no-brainer
Bolsters your memory - foggy-headed, anyone?
Helps the body make repairs - and don't we need all the fixing we can get?


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